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Jewish Community Relations Council
Workum Internship - Summer 2018

About the JCRC: 

The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) serves as the public affairs and community relations arm of the organized Jewish community. It is a non-profit organization funded by the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati.  The mission of the JCRC of Cincinnati is to protect Jewish security, recognizing that Jewish security depends on a just society for all.  To achieve its mission, the JCRC works on a broad range of local, national and international issues, concentrating its efforts in the areas of Israel, the Middle East and anti-Semitism. The JCRC also works closely with leaders and organizations representing Cincinnati’s diverse faith, secular and community organizations.

Workum Intern Job Description:

The Workum Intern will have the opportunity to participate in the following tasks to support the work of the JCRC:

  • Research

    • Conduct research as necessary on current events and other topics.
    • Monitor relevant Cincinnati community issues as they progress.
    • Assist in the research and development of JCRC’s immigration task force.
    • Participate in meetings and conference calls and take thorough notes on what was accomplished and learned.
    • Research and put together case studies of how other JCRC’s tell their stories.
    • Locate and pull pictures of JCRC’s history at the American Jewish Archives for Annual Meeting.

  • Media¬†

    • Review Jewish and non-Jewish media to locate relevant articles and pieces of news to support the work of the JCRC. In some cases, synthesize and report on these to the JCRC staff.
    • Support the creation and development of the Israel Update, our weekly e-newsletter that informs the Jewish and broader community about Israel.
    • Assist in the content creation and maintenance of the JCRC Facebook Page.

  • JCRC Website and Materials

    • Help update our website and our informational materials.
    • Coordinate bios and headshots of our executive committee with Susan.

  • Programming

    • Help plan, execute and staff our events as they come up including the Annual Meeting.
    • Work to further develop and expand the Israel on Campus Fellowship which seeks to prepare graduating seniors to respond to anti-Israel and BDS influence on campus

  • Administrative

    • Help the JCRC to maintain an up-to-date database and make contact with various constituency representatives as necessary toward this goal.
    • Other projects and tasks may come up unexpectedly depending on current events.

  • Community Relations

    • Participate in community events as a representative of the JCRC. Follow up by reflecting on your experience and producing reports on what was accomplished and learned at the events.
    • Develop an informational deliverable about the Jewish Community to be distributed to the interfaith community.
    • Assist in civic engagement strategy development.
    • Assist MARCC with their social media/MARCC ID card.

Please keep in mind that the tasks listed above are not an exhaustive list of everything you’ll be responsible for. The work you will be doing will be a collaborative effort and your key projects will be finalized by the first week or two of your internship.

Internship Expectations:

  • Ask questions when you are unsure of something.

  • Act in a professional and ethical manner.

  • Assert yourself and your ideas in a respectful and appropriate fashion.

  • Accept constructive criticism as a means of improving.

  • Be sensitive to the diversity of perspectives in the Jewish and non-Jewish communities.

  • Keep an open mind; avoid jumping to conclusions and develop informed opinions.

  • Acquire new skills and knowledge and ask for additional work opportunities if you feel unsatisfied or underutilized.

  • Have a basic/general understanding of community relations, government processes and other major religions.

  • Dress is business casual.

  • Learn, grow and have fun!

  • Other expectations will surface as needed.