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Jewish Federation of Cincinnati

The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati

8499 Ridge Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236 Telephone: 513-985-1500

The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati
Planning & Allocation
Workum Internship – Summer 2018

Description of Allocation Process:

During the summer, over 45 non-profit organizations submit programmatic allocation requests to the Jewish Federation. Over 80 lay leaders sit on five Councils to review these allocation requests, make site visits to all local agencies, and make funding recommendations. Council recommendations are then reviewed by the Allocations Committee and finally taken to the Federation’s Board of Trustees for approval.

Workum Intern Job Description:

Job Responsibilities: The Workum Intern will be responsible for the coordination of many of the activities associated with the allocation process, including:

  • Intake and preparation of all allocation request packets

  • Data entry of requests and database maintenance throughout process

  • Preparation of agenda and comparative spreadsheets for Council meetings

  • Coordination of Council site visits to local agencies

  • Attend all daytime and evening Council meetings and site visits

  • Take minutes and prepare summaries of site visits and meetings

  • Help prepare PowerPoint documents to summarize site visits at Council meetings

The intern will also have the opportunity to work on community planning functions including, but not limited to:

  • Israel programs

  • Cincinnati 2020 Community Strategic Plan

The intern will work as part of the Community Building department team.